Port wine AREAIS TAWNY 0,75L

Port wine AREAIS TAWNY  0,75L

Velvety, Dense and Tasty

Winemaking according to the traditional method for Port. After gentle crushing with partial destemming, alcoholic fermentation follows with skin maceration. Fermentation takes place under controlled temperature and it is stopped by the addition of wine spirit. The entire winemaking process, which is monitored by the oenology team, takes into account the grape varieties, their degree of ripeness and the desired sweetness.

Blend of wines of unique style and from different years, aged in oak barrels, and with an average age of 3-4 years.

Tips for serving: Ready for drinking, it does not need to be aged or decanted. It is traditionally a dessert wine that is best served with fruit tarts, dried fruit and nut desserts and chocolate. It should be served at a temperature between 12°C and 14°C.

Keep bottle standing in a cool place, protected from light without being shaken, no strong odours and at a constant temperature. Consume preferably in 6 to 8 weeks after opening.

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15,90 €
15,90 €Vaša cena s DPH
Obsah alkoholu19% vol.
Zvyškový cukor:98,7 gr/l
Servírovanie pri teplote:12-14 °C
Doba zretia:3- 4 roky
RegiónDouro, Portugalsko
Objem:0,75 l
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